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cs, 1 ápr 2010 11:00:00 +0200

How did electronics turn from subject and tool of education to scene of education?

Start of Public Radio and TV broadcast made the electronics new important subject of education in 20th and 30th of the last century.
Spreading of schools' broadcast and the school televisions' made the electronics tool of public education in 40th, 50th and 60th.
Electronics became tool of education in schools when audio and video recorders’ and PCs’ price turned into one which can be reached in 70th and 80th.
But the wide-ranging application of the internet and the fast internet availability leads to a big breakthrough in the 90th and in the 1st decade of the new millennium.
Any kind of curriculum became accessible for anybody, anywhere and under real time any time with help of digital audio or video recording and broadband data transfer on the internet.
So, the building of eLearning, the Internet has been built. The classrooms, in other words the local Intranet networks equipped with Learning Management Systems are being built.
The computers – the most modern desks – are ready to welcome students.
All the imaginable and unthinkable forms of demonstration multimedia devices, as blackboards and presentation software, as boxes of chalk – are available for teachers.
There is the situation, when electronics turned from subject and tool of education to scene of education.
We must to get acquainted with a new concept at begin of the 10th of the new millennium – it is the Cloud Computing.
Running of increasingly more complicated application programs, transfer and storage of increasingly more data files and increasingly more speed of data transfer or processing make an increasingly more hardware and software demand on users.
It is the recognition, which born service of Cloud Computing. Heart of this service is that: all ambitious tasks of data storage and processing are executed by providers in the Cloud, and user must have a simple internet browser. More Cloud Computing services are free, or for any price – which is significantly lower than users own hardware and software charge should be.
Modern interactive education in our time can be up-to-date and cost effective if it takes up special educational Cloud Computing – Cloud Learning – services and Community portals.
We show some services like this, which are tested by our “SysAdminLess” team.

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