Let’s learn easily and quickly – lifelong, anytime, anywhere

sze, 6 jan 2010 13:00:00 +0100

Let’s learn easily and quickly – lifelong, anytime, anywhere

How do we e-teach? There are so many answers, as many questions, or as many forms of education, schools, subjects, or teachers are. The different professional systems of eLearning help the teachers to compose ecurriculums, to organize and to realize it. However, a teacher is able to realize his curriculum (perhaps with the help of the professional developers) and he can takes it to the students of e-courses (let it be a presence, mixed or a distance course) he has to know not only the knowledge of digital reading but the basics of digital writing’s phrases too.

The knowledge of digital reading is wide-spreading nowadays. Better part of the students and teachers in the trainings of adults has the knowledge they need and necessary to the e-learning. This knowledge is about using the computer and apply internet.

However, some kind of community forums must be worked for the wide range of the knowledge of digital writing (beside to learn the special courses). These forums can help to change the information between the teachers, students, researchers and managers who are interested in using Info-communication Technology (ICT).
We bring into being a private pilot internet blog-portal to show this possibility in the practice. The name of the blog-portal is SysAdminless Club. We started to work out the curriculum of distance curses.

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